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Detail Arena

DETAIL ARENA - 380 Dual Pile Microfiber Towel


The Detail Arena 380 GSM Dual Pile Microfiber Towel is truly the most versatile towel available. No more having to switch between the short pile and long pile towels. You can lift dust and grime with the long side and finish off with the short. Made with the same premium blend of 70% Polyester / 30% Polyamide as all of our other microfiber towels, it is guaranteed not to scratch or mar your paint. It is the best edgeless detailing towel anywhere.

Recommended Uses: 

  • Rinseless / Waterless Washing
  • Mirrors and Windows
  • Removal of Quick Detailing Sprays / Wax / Compound / Sealant / Glaze / Polish
  • Buffing and Polishing Chrome and Other Shiny Metals
  • Polishing Wheels and Rocker Panels
  • Cleaning Wheel Wells and Door Jams
  • Interior detailing
  • Upholstery and Leather Care

Additional Product Details:

  • Premium 100% Split Korean Microfiber (A-A Grade, 70/30 Blend)
  • Dual-Pile Construction: One Side with Longer Fibers to Remove Loose Particles and a Shorter Nap, Tighter Terry Weave to Remove Excess Detailing Product
  • Ultrasonic Cut Edge to Prevent Scratches
  • No Tags
  • Towel Softness Increases With Each Washing
  • Manufactured in South Korea on the Highest Quality German Microfiber Production Equipment
  • NOTE: Due to the Edgeless Design, Some Minor Fraying is Possible from Washing. Snip any Loose Fabric with Scissors, and the Towel is Back to New.

Care Instructions:

  • Always wash new microfiber towels prior to first use. (Especially the 550)
  • Wash only with other non-linting materials (NO Cotton!) to maintain proper dirt-gripping properties.
  • Always wash newer black, orange, red, and other dark-colored towels separately from lighter colored towels to mitigate the risk of dye bleeding.
  • Machine wash with mild liquid detergent (free of dyes, fragrances, bleach, and softeners.)
  • Do NOT use chlorine bleach
  • Do NOT use any fabric softener as this clogs the microfibers and reduces performance.
  • Tumble dry using low heat.
  • Do NOT iron.

DETAIL ARENA - 380 Dual Pile Microfiber Towel


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