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Sonax - Perfect Finish


Sonax Perfect Finish is a medium-cut polish with the finishing ability of an ultra-fine polish.  Hailed as Germany’s best car polish, Sonax Perfect Finish utilizes the most advanced nano-abrasives to remove moderate to heavy swirl marks, water spots, and oxidation while finishing like an ultra-fine polish.

Sonax Perfect Finish provides an unmatched finish on all paint systems. Sonax Perfect Finish is incredibly easy to manipulate, produces no dusting, and it’s easy to wipe off.

Sonax Perfect Finish is VOC compliant and body shop safe. It is silicone-free and does not contain any waxes. Sonax Perfect Finish can be used on all paint systems, including scratch-resistant clear coats. Sonax Perfect Finish is versatile in how it can be applied. Use it with a dual-action or rotary polisher equipped with either a foam cutting, polishing, or finishing pad.

Cut Level 1 2 3 4 5 6
Gloss Level 1 2 3 4 5 6

Product Size:

250ml (8.45 FL OZ)

1000ml (33.8 FL OZ)

Made in Germany

Sonax - Perfect Finish